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7 May
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My name starts with a V, ends with a R and in the middle is icto. If you want to be my friend you better put me on your list first. I'm usually too lazy or reluctant to do it myself (but believe me deep down I'm hurtin' for a friend) Send me a friendly hello/comment/complaint/proclaimation of love/ransom demand/death threat anytime. You should see how I light up when I see it in my mailbox. At around this point in my bio I used to say I lived in a hellish monotonous suburban town full of people that I didn't like. However, I'm now attending NYU which might turn out to be a hellish montonous urban city full of people that I don't like. On the other hand, it could possibly be a wonderful and diverse cultural environment full of the excitement and energy of one of the greatest city in the world (as the brochure mentioned). Who knows? Let's just hope for the best. In conclusion, I'm still just your typical carbon based life form, living on this shiny blue marble we call Earth. Just your standard lazy, slacker teen wasting their youth away. I don't have too many complaints about it though. I have plenty of pop tarts to eat and the Simpsons are on 3 times a day. How are you?

*Note: It's 8:14 pm on July 2 2004 and I just realized that I haven't updated this biography since senior year of high school. I'd write an updated version but I'm too lazy...so guess one thing has stayed the same after all that time.

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