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So long, stink year!

Looking at my post from 2015, I am about a half hour off from last year in posting my traditional end of the year entry. I'm pretty much in the same situation as last year, trying to knock something out before I head off to Queens to meet friends.

So what can I say about 2016? Given all the things that occurred, everyone seems to have written it off as a historically terrible year. I for one would agree with them. It's mainly the whole Trump presidential victory thing, which still feels surreal now that we are getting closer and closer to the actual inauguration. Then you have all those celebrities dying. I don't know if it’s any more than previous years and we've just become hyper aware of these things. I think the overall numbers may not be historic, but the number of heavy hitters does seem like a lot. Quality over quantity I guess.

Really those are the two big reasons 2016 was a bust. Sports wise it was a pretty good year, you had two entertaining and historic championship series in the NBA and MLB (both involving Cleveland of all places). And I'm sure it's pretty nice to be Drake in 2016, I suppose.

So let's see, how was my 2016? Technically it was the worst year of my life due to my father's passing. But if you took that one thing out of the equation, it would actually be a decent year for me (quality over quantity strikes again). I got my own place in March. I've got money in the bank. I've put in a full year at a proper job under my belt, making me more adult than ever. I've kissed more girls than ever. I won my fantasy baseball league. I'm in better shape than last year (though not at my peak shape which was during my unemployment years). I did some rare international traveling. And my hair appears to be holding up.

Of course that's all shit, unfortunately.

The positive thing I suppose from having the worst year of your life is that things can only get better. Although I guess things could be equally worse too (definitely the pessimist in me talking). I dare not even think of the possibilities.

I am feeling good about this new year though, historically I think I've always done better in odd numbered years, so I've got that going for me. Always good to end on a positive note. One should end all blog posts on a positive note. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go out and end this no good year on a positive note.

See you in July.
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