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Turn and face the strange changes

So in an abrupt change of pace I actually had quite a memorable 2015 that featured a bunch of changes and notable events. New highs and some new lows. The last few years I've usually found myself at this point griping about how stuck in a rut I was and how nothing changed since the last Dec 31st post. However this time around I do have a few things to note. It's not like I got married or got a sex change or anything, but life did switch things up a bit for me in my 31st year of life.

Since I'm getting ready to head out to yearly New Years activaties with friends (3rd year in a row, now it's a tradition) I'm just going to barf up a list of positive and negative notables:

+ Got a proper full time job making way more money than I have ever been accustomed to. Considering my lack of experience, they really took a chance on me and I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity.
- A proper job takes up way to much my time. In addition, since I'm kind of underqualified I've been stressing a bunch about keeping up. So far I think I'm alright but I'm still not used to all this responsibility. Sometimes it makes me yearn or the easy days of underemployment.
+ Probably traveled more miles this year than almost all my other years combined.
- A lot of that traveling was to Detroit for work.
+ Saw the Mets in the World Series.
- Saw the Mets lose the World Series.
+ On the ladies front, it was my most active year ever.
- It's all relative. Also, still single and the parent marriage pressure is at an all time high.
+ Refinanced my student loans.
- I still have plenty of student loans.
+ More disposable income than ever.
- Watched a lot less movies and read a lot less than last year.
+ Joined a gym.
- I find myself exercising even less than before.
+ I don’t think I'm losing my hair
- I need a haircut.

That's most of it in a nutshell, gotta fly. See everyone in July. Happy New Year All!
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