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Forget about it.

Great weather today. I bet if you looked back over the last 100 September 11ths, you'd find the majority of them where really pleasant, weather wise. September, it's an underrated month for weather, at least around here you get a nice transitional summer-fall set up which no one can really complain about. As for me I still slightly prefer the cooler fall weather, if only because I get to wear a jacket (it's all about the pockets people!).

So enough small talk about the weather. Let's get down to the business of writing this compulsary blog entry.

Let's see looking back on last year's pity post things haven't changed much. Well I guess I should be happy that I'm in a totally different place since last year vis a vis my new job. I mentioned it in July and what I said there still remains the same. On one hand I'm glad that I'm working a proper adult job and learning things that I can actually put on a resume if I ever change employers. I'm more than content with the extra money I'm making (though that just means I've been putting more into my student loan payments so any feelings of wealth are nullified). On the other hand six figure pay means six figure hours. I don't have all the free time I used to have during my days of underemployment and contract work. I don't write as much, I don't exercise as much, I don't read as much; all the other stuff has taken a hit. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't right?

Obviously the ideal solution here is the get paid a lot of money to do all the leisure activities you enjoy. I better start looking on Monster for that.

Well I think I've written enough here fulfill my yearly obligations. I've got an office bbq at my boss's tomorrow and that guac I promised to bring ain't gonna make itself.
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