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Victor's Sixteenth Annual Fourth of July Blogabration

Really getting this thing in under the wire.Classic Victor's blog move. In a way I'm kind of glad it happened this way, last year's was done with way too much time to spare. These July 4th entries are supposed to be hastily written with a flurry of last minute activity. That has been the winning formula for all these years (and lord know by the number above we're talking about a lot of years!). I still can't believe there's been 16 editions of this.

So what did I do today, pretty much nothing and it was awesome. Victor from last year would be happy to know that I found a proper job in the meantime with an adult salary and adult responsibilities and, unfortunately, adult hours. This three day weekend is my first real break from what has turned out to be nearly a month of work occupying most of my waking life. I promised myself I wouldn't check my email for the entire three day weekend and so far I've made it two days. Dare I dream of closing the loop? We shall see.

As for today, the weather was pretty decent. A tad bit rainy in the early morning hours but on the whole it was just plain warm, ideal weather. I had a gloriously lazy day of hanging around followed by eating a lot of grilled pork with my old man. Later in the evening we went out to catch the fireworks at the local carnival. A ho hum affair but I was looking for one. I still have another day tomorrow but I'm already feeling the weekend blues.

I wonder what things will be like in 2016 when I'm writing my post. Will I still be working there? Will I be happy? Will I complaining about something else all together. Considering all the change between last year and this, I suspect anything can happen. Well that's it for me, with a solid 12 or so minutes to spare I am out of here.

Until next time.
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