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This is the end

I'm afraid I'm going to have to give this post even less attention than usual (I know hard to imagine), but I'm on my way out to a New Year's Eve thing. For those who've read three entries back, it is the second year in a row that I'm venturing out of the comfortable confines of the Twilight Zone marathon and a personal glass of champaigne into the unpredictable world of the New Year's Eve party whereyour money disappears quickly and the pressure to have a good time is unstainable.

So how was 2014 in general? I would grade it about a B. Events around the last month raised the grade up, prior to that we were looking at a C+/B-. I had dental work that lasted too long, the early year winter was lousy, I turned 30, plenty of bad news on tv; but on the plus side I did get a proper job, I made some progress on some personal projects of mine, and I think I'm in pretty much the best shape of my life (though that's all relative). I think I'm becoming a more responsbile human being and starting to notice some of the patterns of life so I don't make the same mistakes all the time (I guess some call that widsom).

I would go into it more but I've got to head on out. Hopes are high for 2015, I've always said I generally do better in odd years (because I am on odd person?). Laste folks, hopefully I'll be back here before the 4th of July.
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