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Victor's Fifteenth Annual Bloganal!


I notice that LJ has made some layout changes while I was away. It's kind of nice. The whole thing has a cleaner, more modern feel to it. One might even confuse this place with a popular modern website! The really surprising thing about all this is that there are still a bunch of people improving and updating this old corner of the internet. Kudos to you LJ crew, keep on keeping on. I know I only show up here three times a year but I'd be mighty disappointed if this place actually disappeared.

So as for me, I can't say much has changed from the end of last year. I just recently realized that July 2nd is the middle day of the year (or I suppose noon on July 2nd), so really posting of the 4th of July following a New Years Eve post has an almost perfect symmetry to it. As for the September post, well it's just there. What I should do is include some kind of yearly post in between New Years Eve and July 4th; some random day in March perhaps?

At the halfway point of 2014, I'd have to say it's at best a mixed bag. I'm still stagnating at work, still trying to sort my life, but hey aren't we all? I do think I've accomplished some worthwhile things. I've managed to complete some personal writing projects of mine and I guess I'm taking a lot better care of myself physically. There are seeds for optimism heading into the second half of the year.

Let it be known that the Twilight Zone marathon is really hitting its stride right now. Still, I feel like we're getting a bit short changed here, between the four hour Smackdown and Spartacus break it doesn't quite feel like the hefty marathon I grew up with. Maybe because when you're young everything feel like forever but it just feels like there has been less episodes this year. That's one piece of pessimism. I suppose to counter balance that I'm going to point out that the weather suddenly cleared up and what was once an ominous day of heavy rain is not seemingly turning out to be a cool sunny afternoon, late evening. So there's that positive second half!
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