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Something Has Gone Slightly Wrong

The Victor of New Years Eve 2012 wrote that if I, the Victor of 2013, found myself in essentially the same rut as him at the end of 2013 that I would title my entry "Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong". Well 2012 Victor, you smug little punk, I have to admit that I am not where I would quite like to be on the eve of the New Year and there are a lot of superficial similarities between now and 365 days ago; but, as the title states, I will not go as far as to say something has gone terribly wrong. I am making progress, albeit slow progress, things are changing for the better, and I would not write off 2013 as a wash. I have genuine optimism heading into the New Year based not on vague conceptions of lifestyle improvement but on tenable, concrete reasons. So stuff that in your pipe and smoke it (and spoiler alert the Ravens win the Super Bowl).

I'm once again writing this post early since I am planning on going out tonight, which would make it two years in a row. Hopefully it'll be worth the inconvenience and costs of going out to the city on a chilly night instead of just getting comfortably sloshed at home. I have this nagging sense that I there are a whole bunch of things I have to tie up before midnight, it's fairly irrational since they'll all be there and still valid even if my calendar isn't. It's not like I have to fill out a yearly business ledger or spend my flex account or anything (though I do have a coupon for dog food that expires tomorrow that I was keen on using, I guess that's a regret I can stomach).

Think I'll add another small manageable resolution that I will update this journal four times in 2014 rather than the usual three times. I think I can manage to find one more day to write something out of the 362 other days I usually ignore.

Well, Happy 2014 all, perhaps I will see you guys again before July. 
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