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You Didn't Think I'd Forget

Holy smokes it's September already. It seemed like only yesterday I was ringing in the new year. It's been a freaky day of sorts weather-wise. After about a month of un-summer-like summer weather we get slapped with a humid as hell 90 degree day in nearly mid-September, wild. Looking back over my previous September 11th entry, things haven't changed all that much. I'm still working at the same old contractor job, though my office has moved to Jersey City (oddly enough I ate my lunch outside, right across the water from the new One World Trade Center. It was a somewhat odd location to find myself in). I seriously hope I won't be still doing this job by the next September 11th entry.

Nothing much else to write about, I already mentioned the weather so I've exhausted all my notable topic of discussion. Although, speaking of exhausted, I've given up caffeine for the past month just as a personal experiment to see if I function any better without the juice. While the internet is full of people writing about how great they feel after kicking the tweaking dragon and managing to get through the early withdrawal period, I'm personally underwhelmed. I think I'm sleeping better, but I still can't keep my eyes open at the office after lunch. So basically everything is the same except those small wonderful bursts of energy and happiness are replaced with more lethargy. I'll ride this out a little longer but I'm not sold.

Well, barring any sudden urges to update I will see everyone at the end of the year.
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