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Victor's Fourteenth Annual Fourth of July Blog-ebration!


My poor little Livejournal carries on for another year as I conclude another 4th of July with a hastily written post. Every time I start up the old journal I am impressed with all the new features and changes since the last time. At this point LJ has just about caught up to all the standard features found in most other online blogging sites. Case in point, until the last couple of years I've not been able to directly upload a picture into my post, it was a way more complicated method until recently. As for the picture, I went with the crew of the Apollo 14 lunar mission, mainly because I couldn't think of any other prominent "14"s in pop culture. It all sort of fits with the patriotism of the day though. What can be more American than space race era astronauts?

As for today it was fairly subdued, the usual trip to my uncles for BBQ then back home for a LJ post. That really sums it up. It's not to say the day was a waste. Anytime I get to eat a Flintstones car flipping amount of meat and get to enjoy a long afternoon nap is a good day in my book. There wasn't enough interest to go see the fireworks in the next town over, but that was never an essential tradition anyway. Speaking of traditions, the Twilight Zone marathon is still rolling along on SyFy (bam! Links, another innovation!), plenty of quality episodes left to watch.

Looking back at last year's post, I guess I didn't have that great of a 4th. This one doesn't come out as especially awesome, but it falling on a Thursday this year does give me a four day weekend so it's already a winner. What a difference a year makes right?

Well goodnight everyone, I will see you in September!

PS Still waiting on that spellcheck feature
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