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Yes It Looks Like We've Made It To The End

I'm trying to get in my final entry of the year early since I may go out later tonight, a rare change of pace. I thought I was being really novel by writing my post earlier in the day but I looked back to last year and realized I did the same thing. Well, if anyone was going to top me, it might as well have been me. There's no shame being beat by the best. 

It is quite unfortunate to report that I am still pretty much in the same rut since September and really since last January as a whole. It is an insidious, self-sustaining, rut. Things aren't so bad that I'm compelled to action but things aren't so good that I am happy with my lot. In a way a more worse situation might be better for me in that it would give me a push to change, however unpleasantly. Though I repeat I do not wish my situation was worse off. There is also the chance that if things go south I would just be destroyed it. The positive way to spin this would be that I am in a comfortable position with decent resources to make a change and the opportunity has never been better.

I am trying to muster up some extra momentum going into 2013, I have never been about getting psyched up for the New Year which, though it shielded me from the possibility of let down and disappointment, has kept me lazy and unmotivated. So why not try the opposite approach, some positivity on the side; really focus on the new and all that jazz? I have some specific plans (they say having specific plans as opposed to general plans are important if you want to reach your goals) that I won't waste time laying out; but suffice to say something will have gone terribly wrong if I'm writing the same sort of stuff this time next year (I will actually title the entry: Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong). So no pressure right, Vic?

Well, I'm going to head off. I have a few more errands to run before I call it a year.I have to get as much prep work done before the calendar switches over and I actually have to (gasp) act on my plans.

See everyone in July!
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