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Wake Me Up When September Starts

Writing this while on break at work. I am pretty sure this is the first time I've done a LJ post while at work. For the majority of the life of this journal I've either been in school or unemployed. Making it to the first break of the day is a significant step towards surviving the workday. You've gone through the hassle of getting everything set up and you've finally woken up for real. Now I have to figure out how to get by until lunch. If you're curious I like to go with a slightly later 1 pm lunch, splits my day up evenly into 8 hours halves.

Nothing much else going on in my life to memorialize, which is a problem I should be addressing. Speaking of memorials, this is about the most subdued 9/11 anniversary I've ever experienced (I know I try not to reference that other 9/11, but what else have I got to write about). It seems that after a decade most major events sort of start coasting into lesser prominence. I bet everyone knew the date of Pearl Harbor for the first decade or so, nowadays the best the man on the street might give you is "sometime in December". At least 9/11 has the date in the title, that'll help.

I also want to add that the weather is really ideal today; clear skies, sun, with just a slight refreshing chill in the air. Oddly enough that's what I remember the weather being like on that Tuesday 11 years ago. 

Well, time to go back to the mines. I suppose the next post will be on New Years Eve. I'm saying it now, I'll be more than a little disappointed if I'm doing the same current routine then.

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