Victor (guyincognito) wrote,

Victor's Thirteenth Annual Fourth of July Blog-tastrophe!

When I thought about posting my yearly 4th of July post this morning, I had this sudden suspicion that I had forgotten to post an entry for the end of the year last year. Fortunately, as it turned out I actually did manage to eek out a post on the 31st of December. I was a little worried for a second though, this journal has seen many cutbacks and compromises over the years but missing one of the only three entries I do a year really would have been the final insult. That would have been a clear signal to pull the plug on the old girl and give her a proper burial. For now though the journal continues limping on.

This 4th of July has been basically a carbon copy of last year so you can just jump three articles back to get a recap; and in the truest sense of a carbon copy it was certainly not as well done as the original. All the events were there: the bbq at my uncle's, the fireworks, the bugs, the heat, the Twilight Zone marathon, but they were all not quite as enjoyable or felt as fulfilling as last year. It wasn't a disaster or anything but everything felt a shade off. I think some of it has to do with being on a Wednesday, such a lousy day of the week for a holiday to fall on, the deepest, darkest part of the workweek ocean. You can try to sell me all the Hump day spin you want, it's still a fairly awful day. 

Well, that about sums it up for me, I'll see everyone in September!
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