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An Early End!

Oh where does the time go? It seems like it was only a couple of entries ago I was writing about the end of 2010...wait a minute. Actually I'm posting my usual end of the year entry relatively earlier this year. The fact that I'm leisurely writing this up now, instead of hastily within the final fifteen minutes of the current year with a head full of champagne but empty of interesting things to write about can actually be considered a reversal (albeit a near infinitesimally small one) of this blog's long steady decline into oblivion. So, you know I got that going for me.

Despite my promptness this year I, alas, am still bereft of any actual substantive things to write about. Thinking back, 2011 wasn't all that better or worse than 2010. I'm stagnating a bit. I did end up getting a fairly full time job in May that just barely manages to fall into the definition of "legal work" (that is work a legal professional would do, not any labor that is allowed by law). After having experienced the 40 hour full time work week for roughly 6 months and counting, I realize what a massive time suck it is. Between work and sleep, the time in my life to just be free and do what I want becomes whittled down to a a handful of hours; and even then I'm often too drained from a day of work to really take advantage of that time.

It definitely makes me reevaluate the long stretch of seemingly miserable post-graduation unemployment I had where everyday was at least a wide open canvas for me to work with. However, I think this is all short term subjectivity; like how we look forward to winter on a sweltering summer day and how we wish it was summer during a winter cold snap. I realize I am unhappy as a bum and a working stiff, just different types of unhappiness. Ideally the way to go would be to take the best, happy, parts of both situations and combine them. So for my 2012 resolution, I will try to find a job where I get paid a good salary to do whatever I want.  

Happy New Years all. Only a little over 7 months until Independence Day!
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