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Saturday, December 31st, 2016
7:46 pm
So long, stink year!
Looking at my post from 2015, I am about a half hour off from last year in posting my traditional end of the year entry. I'm pretty much in the same situation as last year, trying to knock something out before I head off to Queens to meet friends.

So what can I say about 2016? Given all the things that occurred, everyone seems to have written it off as a historically terrible year. I for one would agree with them. It's mainly the whole Trump presidential victory thing, which still feels surreal now that we are getting closer and closer to the actual inauguration. Then you have all those celebrities dying. I don't know if it’s any more than previous years and we've just become hyper aware of these things. I think the overall numbers may not be historic, but the number of heavy hitters does seem like a lot. Quality over quantity I guess.

Really those are the two big reasons 2016 was a bust. Sports wise it was a pretty good year, you had two entertaining and historic championship series in the NBA and MLB (both involving Cleveland of all places). And I'm sure it's pretty nice to be Drake in 2016, I suppose.

So let's see, how was my 2016? Technically it was the worst year of my life due to my father's passing. But if you took that one thing out of the equation, it would actually be a decent year for me (quality over quantity strikes again). I got my own place in March. I've got money in the bank. I've put in a full year at a proper job under my belt, making me more adult than ever. I've kissed more girls than ever. I won my fantasy baseball league. I'm in better shape than last year (though not at my peak shape which was during my unemployment years). I did some rare international traveling. And my hair appears to be holding up.

Of course that's all shit, unfortunately.

The positive thing I suppose from having the worst year of your life is that things can only get better. Although I guess things could be equally worse too (definitely the pessimist in me talking). I dare not even think of the possibilities.

I am feeling good about this new year though, historically I think I've always done better in odd numbered years, so I've got that going for me. Always good to end on a positive note. One should end all blog posts on a positive note. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go out and end this no good year on a positive note.

See you in July.

Current Mood: optimistic
Sunday, September 11th, 2016
1:59 pm
Forget Me Not
Good heavens, is it time for my yearly September 11th post already?

So, yeah if you look at the one other blog post I made this year; no matter what awesomeness the rest of 2016 gives me it is doomed to go down as the worst year of my life thus far. I'm alright though, the family and I are still carrying on the best we can. It's only been a little over 2 months but it feels like we've come a long way.

I'm thinking about how much has changed since I wrote this post last year. I'm typing this now on a new computer in my own apartment in Jersey City a few miles away from the World Trade Center (although as I've mentioned in the past these 9/11 posts have no connection to that other 9/11). The weather once again is pleasent; a little hot and humid for the time of year but it's all sunshine and blue skies. It's good brunching weather.

What else is going on. I'm still at the job from last year, although at that point I was the new guy, now I'm just the newish guy (or at worst the not so new guy who still hasn't pick up all the skills). That's probably just the imposter syndrome kicking in, objectively I don't think I'm doing that bad of a job; still I have set higher standards for myself that I don't feel like I'm meeting.

I feel like I've lost a little weight since then or maybe it's just hair?

Well, that's enough rambling. If history is correct, I will probably not write another post until New Years Eve so until then, keep on keeping on non-existant audience for this livejournal.

Current Mood: contemplative
Monday, July 4th, 2016
11:22 pm
Victor's 17th Annual Blog Thing
Hello LJ,

I'm sorry that I didn't have a more clever title. Things have been difficult lately.

Still, a tradition is a tradition and at a time like this when your entire world is thrown into chaos and you wonder if anything will ever be the same again there is some comfort in leaning back on something old and reliable.

That said, all I can really think about is my father. My father is gone.I'm getting sick of that fact. But it won't change.

The funeral is tomorrow the burial is the next day after. I felt I was getting better today but the next two days are going to be brutal. Brutal Brutal Brutal.

I find myself trying to remember as many things about my father lately. If I had to analyze it, it's probably because when someone passes they cease to exist in the physical word and are alive only in the thoughts and memories of the living. And we start to fear that if we forget then they will cease to exist. Obviously this isn't any new insight, but this is all new to me.

Anything else about the late great Mr Lee? Well...

  • He didn't gamble, he didn't drink much, he was totally faithful to my mother. The only vices I can recall are: Cigarettes and Ice Cream (his favorite was Butter Pecan)

  • He literally had dozens of reading glasses all over the place: his car, his desk, the living room. Why he kept buying them I don't know.

  • He liked his kimchi extra ripe.

  • The first car he ever owned as soon as he came to America was a 1979 Mustang Indy Pace Car. He sold it when I was a baby. I wonder if it was because he had 2 kids and needed a bigger car. One my crazy rich man dreams would have been to buy a fully restored version of it for him. He probably would have thought it was excessive.

  • He would go hungry so his kids could eat, he would endure any hardship so his kids could be comfortable.

  • He hated to haggle or complain about bad service. He let my mom do all his dirty work.

  • When I was like 6, I made him a ""meal" of orange tic tacs served in an empty Nyquil serving cup. He took a tic tac and pretended it was delicious. It is one of the oldest memories I have.

  • There is an old picture of him on a racing bike in full active biking clothes. He told me he used to compete the bike races when he was a young man before he got married and move to America. It was just another thing he gave up to raise a family.

  • Looking for pictures for his memorial reel I have to say he had an underrated smile. He didn't smile enough.

  • I wonder if our family dog will wonder where my father went. He probably saw him the most.

  • It's stupid but I don't want to spend any more of the Dunkin Donuts gift cards that he recieved from work that he passed along to me.

  • I forget that he actually had a tattoo, a crude little one done with pen ink from when he was in the army. I wonder what he would have thought if I came home with a tattoo.

  • He was a somewhat cruel but effective driving teacher. He was impatient, quick tempered, and overly critical but he did make sure I passed every part of the driving test on my first go; even the parallel parking section. Still the experience was so traumatic that I rarely ever agreeded to drive him around. Even when I was picking him up from somewhere I would immediately switch seats. He didn't mind, he lived to give rides.

  • I realize now I will never get a ride from him ever again. My heart breaks.

  • He would end nearly every order with "do you understand?" like I wasn't paying attention. I was annoying but I am sad that there is no recording of it and it exists only in my memories.

  • Every thank you from him felt sincere and earned. I used to bring him up a cup of green tea up to his room as he watched videos on the internet and he would light up with such geninue gratefulness like the biggest favor ever. Every time.

  • One time we got into some heated argument, I forget. But when he saw I was struggling to hold back tears; just stopped and just told me "you're still a good son". I think he just wanted to stop me from crying but it made me cry even more.

That's sort it for now. I'm tired of crying. I hope I'll be better by September. Also, where is the spell checker on this thing. What is this 1997?

Current Mood: sad
Thursday, December 31st, 2015
7:27 pm
Turn and face the strange changes
So in an abrupt change of pace I actually had quite a memorable 2015 that featured a bunch of changes and notable events. New highs and some new lows. The last few years I've usually found myself at this point griping about how stuck in a rut I was and how nothing changed since the last Dec 31st post. However this time around I do have a few things to note. It's not like I got married or got a sex change or anything, but life did switch things up a bit for me in my 31st year of life.

Since I'm getting ready to head out to yearly New Years activaties with friends (3rd year in a row, now it's a tradition) I'm just going to barf up a list of positive and negative notables:

+ Got a proper full time job making way more money than I have ever been accustomed to. Considering my lack of experience, they really took a chance on me and I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity.
- A proper job takes up way to much my time. In addition, since I'm kind of underqualified I've been stressing a bunch about keeping up. So far I think I'm alright but I'm still not used to all this responsibility. Sometimes it makes me yearn or the easy days of underemployment.
+ Probably traveled more miles this year than almost all my other years combined.
- A lot of that traveling was to Detroit for work.
+ Saw the Mets in the World Series.
- Saw the Mets lose the World Series.
+ On the ladies front, it was my most active year ever.
- It's all relative. Also, still single and the parent marriage pressure is at an all time high.
+ Refinanced my student loans.
- I still have plenty of student loans.
+ More disposable income than ever.
- Watched a lot less movies and read a lot less than last year.
+ Joined a gym.
- I find myself exercising even less than before.
+ I don’t think I'm losing my hair
- I need a haircut.

That's most of it in a nutshell, gotta fly. See everyone in July. Happy New Year All!

Current Mood: optimistic
Friday, September 11th, 2015
9:48 pm
Forget about it.
Great weather today. I bet if you looked back over the last 100 September 11ths, you'd find the majority of them where really pleasant, weather wise. September, it's an underrated month for weather, at least around here you get a nice transitional summer-fall set up which no one can really complain about. As for me I still slightly prefer the cooler fall weather, if only because I get to wear a jacket (it's all about the pockets people!).

So enough small talk about the weather. Let's get down to the business of writing this compulsary blog entry.

Let's see looking back on last year's pity post things haven't changed much. Well I guess I should be happy that I'm in a totally different place since last year vis a vis my new job. I mentioned it in July and what I said there still remains the same. On one hand I'm glad that I'm working a proper adult job and learning things that I can actually put on a resume if I ever change employers. I'm more than content with the extra money I'm making (though that just means I've been putting more into my student loan payments so any feelings of wealth are nullified). On the other hand six figure pay means six figure hours. I don't have all the free time I used to have during my days of underemployment and contract work. I don't write as much, I don't exercise as much, I don't read as much; all the other stuff has taken a hit. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't right?

Obviously the ideal solution here is the get paid a lot of money to do all the leisure activities you enjoy. I better start looking on Monster for that.

Well I think I've written enough here fulfill my yearly obligations. I've got an office bbq at my boss's tomorrow and that guac I promised to bring ain't gonna make itself.

Current Mood: busy
Saturday, July 4th, 2015
11:49 pm
Victor's Sixteenth Annual Fourth of July Blogabration

Really getting this thing in under the wire.Classic Victor's blog move. In a way I'm kind of glad it happened this way, last year's was done with way too much time to spare. These July 4th entries are supposed to be hastily written with a flurry of last minute activity. That has been the winning formula for all these years (and lord know by the number above we're talking about a lot of years!). I still can't believe there's been 16 editions of this.

So what did I do today, pretty much nothing and it was awesome. Victor from last year would be happy to know that I found a proper job in the meantime with an adult salary and adult responsibilities and, unfortunately, adult hours. This three day weekend is my first real break from what has turned out to be nearly a month of work occupying most of my waking life. I promised myself I wouldn't check my email for the entire three day weekend and so far I've made it two days. Dare I dream of closing the loop? We shall see.

As for today, the weather was pretty decent. A tad bit rainy in the early morning hours but on the whole it was just plain warm, ideal weather. I had a gloriously lazy day of hanging around followed by eating a lot of grilled pork with my old man. Later in the evening we went out to catch the fireworks at the local carnival. A ho hum affair but I was looking for one. I still have another day tomorrow but I'm already feeling the weekend blues.

I wonder what things will be like in 2016 when I'm writing my post. Will I still be working there? Will I be happy? Will I complaining about something else all together. Considering all the change between last year and this, I suspect anything can happen. Well that's it for me, with a solid 12 or so minutes to spare I am out of here.

Until next time.

Current Mood: complacent
Wednesday, December 31st, 2014
7:33 pm
This is the end
I'm afraid I'm going to have to give this post even less attention than usual (I know hard to imagine), but I'm on my way out to a New Year's Eve thing. For those who've read three entries back, it is the second year in a row that I'm venturing out of the comfortable confines of the Twilight Zone marathon and a personal glass of champaigne into the unpredictable world of the New Year's Eve party whereyour money disappears quickly and the pressure to have a good time is unstainable.

So how was 2014 in general? I would grade it about a B. Events around the last month raised the grade up, prior to that we were looking at a C+/B-. I had dental work that lasted too long, the early year winter was lousy, I turned 30, plenty of bad news on tv; but on the plus side I did get a proper job, I made some progress on some personal projects of mine, and I think I'm in pretty much the best shape of my life (though that's all relative). I think I'm becoming a more responsbile human being and starting to notice some of the patterns of life so I don't make the same mistakes all the time (I guess some call that widsom).

I would go into it more but I've got to head on out. Hopes are high for 2015, I've always said I generally do better in odd years (because I am on odd person?). Laste folks, hopefully I'll be back here before the 4th of July.

Current Mood: optimistic
Thursday, September 11th, 2014
5:42 pm
September 2.0
Well, it looks like my September post streak continues for a 13th year. I'm actually posting this from my phone of all places; it's the first time I've ever blogged via smartphone! Say what you want about the decline of LiveJournal, but it's still throwing out pioneering firsts every now and then.

Alas that's really the only piece of novelty in this post. Looking back at last year's posting, I unfortunately see that things have not changed too muxh since then. I wouldn't write the past year off as a bust but I am a bit disappointed at the level of progress. Really it comes to getting a new job which I am giving a good faith effort to get these days. We'll have to see if I'm still here next year.

Nothing much else to add, I'm going to a concert later tonight so hey I'm already in good shape for the coming year! Onward to December!

Current Mood: blank
Friday, July 4th, 2014
5:45 pm
Victor's Fifteenth Annual Bloganal!

I notice that LJ has made some layout changes while I was away. It's kind of nice. The whole thing has a cleaner, more modern feel to it. One might even confuse this place with a popular modern website! The really surprising thing about all this is that there are still a bunch of people improving and updating this old corner of the internet. Kudos to you LJ crew, keep on keeping on. I know I only show up here three times a year but I'd be mighty disappointed if this place actually disappeared.

So as for me, I can't say much has changed from the end of last year. I just recently realized that July 2nd is the middle day of the year (or I suppose noon on July 2nd), so really posting of the 4th of July following a New Years Eve post has an almost perfect symmetry to it. As for the September post, well it's just there. What I should do is include some kind of yearly post in between New Years Eve and July 4th; some random day in March perhaps?

At the halfway point of 2014, I'd have to say it's at best a mixed bag. I'm still stagnating at work, still trying to sort my life, but hey aren't we all? I do think I've accomplished some worthwhile things. I've managed to complete some personal writing projects of mine and I guess I'm taking a lot better care of myself physically. There are seeds for optimism heading into the second half of the year.

Let it be known that the Twilight Zone marathon is really hitting its stride right now. Still, I feel like we're getting a bit short changed here, between the four hour Smackdown and Spartacus break it doesn't quite feel like the hefty marathon I grew up with. Maybe because when you're young everything feel like forever but it just feels like there has been less episodes this year. That's one piece of pessimism. I suppose to counter balance that I'm going to point out that the weather suddenly cleared up and what was once an ominous day of heavy rain is not seemingly turning out to be a cool sunny afternoon, late evening. So there's that positive second half!

Current Mood: optimistic
Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
7:50 pm
Something Has Gone Slightly Wrong
The Victor of New Years Eve 2012 wrote that if I, the Victor of 2013, found myself in essentially the same rut as him at the end of 2013 that I would title my entry "Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong". Well 2012 Victor, you smug little punk, I have to admit that I am not where I would quite like to be on the eve of the New Year and there are a lot of superficial similarities between now and 365 days ago; but, as the title states, I will not go as far as to say something has gone terribly wrong. I am making progress, albeit slow progress, things are changing for the better, and I would not write off 2013 as a wash. I have genuine optimism heading into the New Year based not on vague conceptions of lifestyle improvement but on tenable, concrete reasons. So stuff that in your pipe and smoke it (and spoiler alert the Ravens win the Super Bowl).

I'm once again writing this post early since I am planning on going out tonight, which would make it two years in a row. Hopefully it'll be worth the inconvenience and costs of going out to the city on a chilly night instead of just getting comfortably sloshed at home. I have this nagging sense that I there are a whole bunch of things I have to tie up before midnight, it's fairly irrational since they'll all be there and still valid even if my calendar isn't. It's not like I have to fill out a yearly business ledger or spend my flex account or anything (though I do have a coupon for dog food that expires tomorrow that I was keen on using, I guess that's a regret I can stomach).

Think I'll add another small manageable resolution that I will update this journal four times in 2014 rather than the usual three times. I think I can manage to find one more day to write something out of the 362 other days I usually ignore.

Well, Happy 2014 all, perhaps I will see you guys again before July. 

Current Mood: optimistic
Wednesday, September 11th, 2013
11:18 pm
You Didn't Think I'd Forget
Holy smokes it's September already. It seemed like only yesterday I was ringing in the new year. It's been a freaky day of sorts weather-wise. After about a month of un-summer-like summer weather we get slapped with a humid as hell 90 degree day in nearly mid-September, wild. Looking back over my previous September 11th entry, things haven't changed all that much. I'm still working at the same old contractor job, though my office has moved to Jersey City (oddly enough I ate my lunch outside, right across the water from the new One World Trade Center. It was a somewhat odd location to find myself in). I seriously hope I won't be still doing this job by the next September 11th entry.

Nothing much else to write about, I already mentioned the weather so I've exhausted all my notable topic of discussion. Although, speaking of exhausted, I've given up caffeine for the past month just as a personal experiment to see if I function any better without the juice. While the internet is full of people writing about how great they feel after kicking the tweaking dragon and managing to get through the early withdrawal period, I'm personally underwhelmed. I think I'm sleeping better, but I still can't keep my eyes open at the office after lunch. So basically everything is the same except those small wonderful bursts of energy and happiness are replaced with more lethargy. I'll ride this out a little longer but I'm not sold.

Well, barring any sudden urges to update I will see everyone at the end of the year.

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, July 4th, 2013
11:18 pm
Victor's Fourteenth Annual Fourth of July Blog-ebration!

My poor little Livejournal carries on for another year as I conclude another 4th of July with a hastily written post. Every time I start up the old journal I am impressed with all the new features and changes since the last time. At this point LJ has just about caught up to all the standard features found in most other online blogging sites. Case in point, until the last couple of years I've not been able to directly upload a picture into my post, it was a way more complicated method until recently. As for the picture, I went with the crew of the Apollo 14 lunar mission, mainly because I couldn't think of any other prominent "14"s in pop culture. It all sort of fits with the patriotism of the day though. What can be more American than space race era astronauts?

As for today it was fairly subdued, the usual trip to my uncles for BBQ then back home for a LJ post. That really sums it up. It's not to say the day was a waste. Anytime I get to eat a Flintstones car flipping amount of meat and get to enjoy a long afternoon nap is a good day in my book. There wasn't enough interest to go see the fireworks in the next town over, but that was never an essential tradition anyway. Speaking of traditions, the Twilight Zone marathon is still rolling along on SyFy (bam! Links, another innovation!), plenty of quality episodes left to watch.

Looking back at last year's post, I guess I didn't have that great of a 4th. This one doesn't come out as especially awesome, but it falling on a Thursday this year does give me a four day weekend so it's already a winner. What a difference a year makes right?

Well goodnight everyone, I will see you in September!

PS Still waiting on that spellcheck feature

Current Mood: calm
Monday, December 31st, 2012
5:33 pm
Yes It Looks Like We've Made It To The End
I'm trying to get in my final entry of the year early since I may go out later tonight, a rare change of pace. I thought I was being really novel by writing my post earlier in the day but I looked back to last year and realized I did the same thing. Well, if anyone was going to top me, it might as well have been me. There's no shame being beat by the best. 

It is quite unfortunate to report that I am still pretty much in the same rut since September and really since last January as a whole. It is an insidious, self-sustaining, rut. Things aren't so bad that I'm compelled to action but things aren't so good that I am happy with my lot. In a way a more worse situation might be better for me in that it would give me a push to change, however unpleasantly. Though I repeat I do not wish my situation was worse off. There is also the chance that if things go south I would just be destroyed it. The positive way to spin this would be that I am in a comfortable position with decent resources to make a change and the opportunity has never been better.

I am trying to muster up some extra momentum going into 2013, I have never been about getting psyched up for the New Year which, though it shielded me from the possibility of let down and disappointment, has kept me lazy and unmotivated. So why not try the opposite approach, some positivity on the side; really focus on the new and all that jazz? I have some specific plans (they say having specific plans as opposed to general plans are important if you want to reach your goals) that I won't waste time laying out; but suffice to say something will have gone terribly wrong if I'm writing the same sort of stuff this time next year (I will actually title the entry: Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong). So no pressure right, Vic?

Well, I'm going to head off. I have a few more errands to run before I call it a year.I have to get as much prep work done before the calendar switches over and I actually have to (gasp) act on my plans.

See everyone in July!

Current Mood: optimistic
Tuesday, September 11th, 2012
11:01 am
Wake Me Up When September Starts
Writing this while on break at work. I am pretty sure this is the first time I've done a LJ post while at work. For the majority of the life of this journal I've either been in school or unemployed. Making it to the first break of the day is a significant step towards surviving the workday. You've gone through the hassle of getting everything set up and you've finally woken up for real. Now I have to figure out how to get by until lunch. If you're curious I like to go with a slightly later 1 pm lunch, splits my day up evenly into 8 hours halves.

Nothing much else going on in my life to memorialize, which is a problem I should be addressing. Speaking of memorials, this is about the most subdued 9/11 anniversary I've ever experienced (I know I try not to reference that other 9/11, but what else have I got to write about). It seems that after a decade most major events sort of start coasting into lesser prominence. I bet everyone knew the date of Pearl Harbor for the first decade or so, nowadays the best the man on the street might give you is "sometime in December". At least 9/11 has the date in the title, that'll help.

I also want to add that the weather is really ideal today; clear skies, sun, with just a slight refreshing chill in the air. Oddly enough that's what I remember the weather being like on that Tuesday 11 years ago. 

Well, time to go back to the mines. I suppose the next post will be on New Years Eve. I'm saying it now, I'll be more than a little disappointed if I'm doing the same current routine then.


Current Mood: blah
Wednesday, July 4th, 2012
11:10 pm
Victor's Thirteenth Annual Fourth of July Blog-tastrophe!

When I thought about posting my yearly 4th of July post this morning, I had this sudden suspicion that I had forgotten to post an entry for the end of the year last year. Fortunately, as it turned out I actually did manage to eek out a post on the 31st of December. I was a little worried for a second though, this journal has seen many cutbacks and compromises over the years but missing one of the only three entries I do a year really would have been the final insult. That would have been a clear signal to pull the plug on the old girl and give her a proper burial. For now though the journal continues limping on.

This 4th of July has been basically a carbon copy of last year so you can just jump three articles back to get a recap; and in the truest sense of a carbon copy it was certainly not as well done as the original. All the events were there: the bbq at my uncle's, the fireworks, the bugs, the heat, the Twilight Zone marathon, but they were all not quite as enjoyable or felt as fulfilling as last year. It wasn't a disaster or anything but everything felt a shade off. I think some of it has to do with being on a Wednesday, such a lousy day of the week for a holiday to fall on, the deepest, darkest part of the workweek ocean. You can try to sell me all the Hump day spin you want, it's still a fairly awful day. 

Well, that about sums it up for me, I'll see everyone in September!
Saturday, December 31st, 2011
5:08 pm
An Early End!
Oh where does the time go? It seems like it was only a couple of entries ago I was writing about the end of 2010...wait a minute. Actually I'm posting my usual end of the year entry relatively earlier this year. The fact that I'm leisurely writing this up now, instead of hastily within the final fifteen minutes of the current year with a head full of champagne but empty of interesting things to write about can actually be considered a reversal (albeit a near infinitesimally small one) of this blog's long steady decline into oblivion. So, you know I got that going for me.

Despite my promptness this year I, alas, am still bereft of any actual substantive things to write about. Thinking back, 2011 wasn't all that better or worse than 2010. I'm stagnating a bit. I did end up getting a fairly full time job in May that just barely manages to fall into the definition of "legal work" (that is work a legal professional would do, not any labor that is allowed by law). After having experienced the 40 hour full time work week for roughly 6 months and counting, I realize what a massive time suck it is. Between work and sleep, the time in my life to just be free and do what I want becomes whittled down to a a handful of hours; and even then I'm often too drained from a day of work to really take advantage of that time.

It definitely makes me reevaluate the long stretch of seemingly miserable post-graduation unemployment I had where everyday was at least a wide open canvas for me to work with. However, I think this is all short term subjectivity; like how we look forward to winter on a sweltering summer day and how we wish it was summer during a winter cold snap. I realize I am unhappy as a bum and a working stiff, just different types of unhappiness. Ideally the way to go would be to take the best, happy, parts of both situations and combine them. So for my 2012 resolution, I will try to find a job where I get paid a good salary to do whatever I want.  

Happy New Years all. Only a little over 7 months until Independence Day!

Current Mood: blank
Sunday, September 11th, 2011
10:06 pm
Do You Remember? The 11th Night in September...
I've been getting sporadic instances of useless spam in the form of livejournal comments lately, like I mean truly useless. If you're going to spam an individual, shouldn't there be some product or message involved? These messages are just nonsensical jumbled lines of characters. What's the point man?

You're starting to become a real drag LJ, but what can I do? It's been a decade plus, I guess I'm stuck with you. One doesn't end a long marriage because the other spouse is starting to gain a few pounds or they've developed a few minor annoying habits (you just cheat on them occasionally with someone younger). 

So what else went on today? Football is back, that's a plus. I got to sleep in, another pro. Got work tomorrow, definitely a con. I can't think of anything else right now. I've had Mondays off for the past two weeks (residual storm closure and Labor Day respectively), I was really getting used to three day weekends. I think I'd rather make up the 8 by working 10 hrs for 4 days to keep my three days.

Assuming I don't suddenly get an urge or reason to update (not the biggest of assumptions) I guess I'll be seeing everyone again on New Years?

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Monday, July 4th, 2011
11:58 pm
Victor's Twelfth Annual Fourth of July Blog-magoria!


Umm...happy new year?

I always suspected that one day this livejournal would atrophy to the point where I only posted three entries a year (all together now): 4th of July, September 11th, and New Years Eve before completely fading into nothing. Thus far it may appear that 2011 will be that year. But who knows, maybe I'll be compelled to put something up between now and September, it's not like I just went seven months without a peep...wait a minute.

Sadly the decline of this journal was mirrored by the recent decline of the 4th of July for me. What was once, for many years, my all time favorite holiday (you know it takes a serious effort for any day to beat out Christmas) has seriously fallen on some hard times. This 4th of July was just about the weakest one in recent memory. Until an unexpected last second BBQ invitation I did absolutely nothing to acknowledge the day. Most of it was tied into working a full day which completely sabotages the spirit of the holiday. I didn't catch a single episode of the Twilight Zone rerun or ate a hot dog over the weekend. 
Oddly enough though it didn't make me all that upset that I wasn't getting my 4th on. I sort of enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of the office on holidays. Additionally the commute was pleasantly clear and we got free pizza for lunch, throw out the work and it's total win win. As for the marathon, owning the DVDs has sort of ruined the joy of catching certain episodes and being surprised by others. It's nice to own them and all but that is the darkside of getting an entire series run. It's kind of like the Twilight Zone episode where the guy dies and thinks he's gone to heaven when he finds himself always winning everything, but then he finds that to be boring and realizes he's in hell (da dum dum!).
As I mentioned before I did manages to salvage the day with an impromptu family BBQ at my Uncle's house followed by a surprisingly spectacular local small town fireworks (props to Norwood, NJ you guys do it big). Stuffing yourself with roasted meat and staring at awe at the sky, 10,000 years later and we're still into the same stuff. Well, I'm beat and I gotta get up early for tomorrow. If I don't pop up again, see everyone in September!
Happy 235th America, any many more!

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Friday, December 31st, 2010
11:24 pm
Last Licks
For about the last half decade I've found myself towards the end of New Years Eve suddenly remembering my poor neglected livejournal.  If it's any consolation for the lj, my other blog has been on the decline as well; does that mean I'm in decline? Maybe 2011 will be better (that's what everyone seems to be banking on, at least until New Years Eve 2011 when everyone gets ready to throw the previous year to the curb).  It would appear that our collective memories can't really go back any further than a year.  

Actually I think people should start treating the day after Christmas as the new year so they can get an extra week's head start on their resolution and beat the crowds on January 1st.  It always seems like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas preparations are starting earlier and earlier every year, why not New Years?  I was planning on getting a head start on my new year but I sort of got lazy about it.  Perhaps that should be my resolution for next year.

Well, not much more to ramble on about, just popping in to keep up appearances.  I just hope that the Victor of the future who is reading this on the front page at the end of 2011 is doing a lot better off than the Victor of now (and that there are some other entries made in the 12 months in between).  Maybe he'll just laugh at how I never expected to be riding in a flying car.

Happy New Year everybody!

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Saturday, September 11th, 2010
6:57 pm
It's September the 11th
So now it's time once again for my annual September the 11th post (not to be confused with the similar sounding date of September 11th or 9/11 of which there is no association or affiliation). If you look right below you (assuming you're directly reading this on my page, although you're probably just viewing it in your friends list), you will see that the last post was from my annual July 4th (associated and affiliated with 4th of July and July the 4th) post. Pretty soon, this journal may be reduced down to my three yearly posts. Over the decade (oh my god it has been a decade) it has gone from multiple daily to daily to weekly to monthly to every few months in a fairly consistent rate of decline. I'm sure if I had the time I'd make a nice chart of it. If there is any silver lining to all this is that this decline isn't just limited to this journal; technically my other "main" journal has seen better days. Come to think of it, that's not really a silver lining is it? I guess maybe if you're into schadenfreude or hate my writing.

As for today, it has been as been even more uneventful then most, this is probably the highlight of my day's accomplishments. At least the weather was nice. According to last year's September post, it had rained all day. I really should mention the weather in every future post, it ads a bit (a really small bit) of historical relevance. Usually the topics are all the same (particularly now if I only start posting on my 3 annual dates), at least the weather might change. I can't believe it's almost mid-September, pretty soon all those big holidays will start coming up and before we know it we'll be waking up hungover to 2011 (and my third yearly post). The year was a bit of a bust thus far but I still have a bit of time to salvage it, but it's going to be close. Perhaps you'll read all about it at the end of the year.

Until then, September the 11th away!

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